Bueno Buenos Aires

A smooth three hour flight from El Calafate north to warm and sunny Buenos Aires — the “Paris of the South”, our last stop on this special journey.

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Chillin’ with Ice

[Before you read on, here’s a link to the post I had to re-create yesterday because I screwed up royally. It does have some relevance to today]

Glacier Glee

Started off right after breakfast toward the port on the Peninsula de Magallanes to catch a boat that would take us on a five hour journey through the northern part of Lake Argentino to see more, unique glaciers, ice bergs, and ice floes.

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Cry Me a Glacier!

Have you ever seen tears from a glacier? Well, don’t look ‘cause they are coming from me right now! I published a long post yesterday about our special day of glaciers. It worked fine, but when I went back to delete a draft, the entire post was deleted to what you just saw. I’m trying to see if I can do anything to restore. If not, I’ll just have to re-create it. More tears. Hope all is well with you.

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