Sort of in Santiago

A City of six million people – seven in greater Santiago holds about 40% of Chile’s population. Protests over the last few months because the pretty much autocratic government imposing raises in the subway fares and other non-empathetic policies toward the middle and lower classes. Sound familiar?

Thursday afternoon and we were off to Philly to catch an American flight to Miami for our connection to Santiago, Chile. All looked good until boarding was stopped…to check an engine. Sound familiar? Our recent trip to Italy started similarly, and the flight was actually cancelled, making us a day late.

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What did I Do!? What did I do to create such consternation, ire, confusion. Such fear.

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Parsing Patagonia

Dust off your hikers, get your hat, open up a bottle of Malbec, and grab our hands!

In just a week, Thursday, February 13th, we’ll be catching our flight out of Miami heading for Santiago, Chile where we’ll spend a little time getting oriented before we fly off to Punta Arenas, the southernmost city in Chile – on the Strait of Magellan…our gateway to Patagonia. We’ll be exploring Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia’s parks, waterways, glaciers, fjords, wildlife and flora for about a week. Then to Buenos Aires for a couple of days of urban trekking to get us back in the mood for a return to Miami and home.

It’ll be a bit different from our recent “leisurely” Viking River cruise down the Rhône into Provence. But, what’s life without a little diversity.

Although the internet is spotty in that part of the world, We’ll be posting whenever we can so you can come along. If anyone has some insights that would be helpful, please let us know. If not, let us do the walking. See you next week!

Marsha & Joel

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